Villagers risk their lives to cross nallah for daily routines

M S Nazki MENDHAR Even after more than Seven decades since independence, people of far flung areas in the Mendhar are not only deprived of basic facilities but also risking their lives for daily routines.

Harni is such a village under Panchayat Harni in tehsil Mendhar of the poonch district, which is situated across Harni Nallah. For visiting Harni and Mendhar mainland, the locals have no option other than to cross this nallah, which is without even foot bridge.
Flow of water in this nallah is so intense that risk of life always remains there while crossing this stretch.
Intensity of the water flow can be gauged from the fact that it is almost impossible foe children and elderly people to cross their nallah without the help of others.
During the rainy season, the village remains virtually cut off from the other areas and the people are left on the mercy of God. Because of no foot bridge, it becomes very difficult for the patients to reach Health check up
The locals alleged that despite repeated requests, the District Administration did not take any action for providing the facility of foot bridge on the nallah.