Shah Faesal takes a dig on war-mongering Indian news channels

Srinagar, July 27, CNS: Indian Administrative Services (IAS) topper Shah Faesal on Friday took a dig at the India media over the coverage of Pakistan elections in which prime minister elect Imran Khan talked about the reconciliatory approach to solve issues between the two countries.

Expressing his dismay over a section of Indian media, the IAS topper from Kashmir called the approach of the media as unfortunate over their criticism of the win and the election victory speech of the cricketer-turned-politician Khan.

“India is being shamed (internationally) by (a section of) Indian media. The neighbouring country has elected a new PM, he is talking about reconciliation, he is talking about change, but the loudmouths on this side are ranting to ensure that the hostilities continue. Unfortunate,” Shah Faesal wrote on Twitter.

In reaction to Faesal’s tweet, the ‘Republic TV’ which is known for spewing venom against Pakistan as well people of Kashmir came up with a story titling: “Controversial J&K IAS officer Shah Faesal backs Imran Khan.”

Instead of responding to Faesal on the issue he had raised, Republic targeted him about this tweet on ‘Rapistan.

In a series of tweets from ‘Republic’, Shah Faesal was asked to tweet against rape incidents of United States as well that has given him a scholarship. “ Mr. Faesal, given the fact that you have received a US-sponsored Fulbright scholarship, will you also speak about the rate of rapes against women in America as part of your ‘Rapistan’ tweets or limit your declarations only to India?”

“Mr. Faesal, when as per an American Organisation called RAINN, every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. Will you tweet about USA being an unsafe place for women?”

In another tweet, Republic asked:” Mr Faesal, as per UNODC data of 2012, the rate of rape in the USA is almost 15 times higher than that of India. Is your reading of the United States of America also “Rapistan”?” (CNS)

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