A secret code can help all Jio users, code reveled, tap to see

There has been a stir in the telecom industry since Reliance Jio came into the market.

Nearly new offers are coming to the customers daily.

Getting special benefits But, Jio users have something special.

Therefore, it is important to know some other things along with special benefits.

Today, we will talk about a secret code that can be very useful for live users.

Those who used to live have often had problems with the network.

For this, he will have made many complaints.

But no solid solution would have been found.

Issues like call drop, no phone connectivity, no messaging delivery, are common.

For this, there is a code that Jio users use so they will not face any such problem.

What is secret code
This code for Jio users is * 409 *. This is a special code.

With this help, the call on Jio numbers can be forwarded to any other number.

This means that if you are in the network zone or not, you will not miss any of your call.

Even if the network is not coming, your phone calls will comes on the second number.

However, a process has to be completed for this

Use of such code
Dial * 409 * with phone dialer.

After that enter the number you want to forward the call and dial it.

After this your dialed number will be ready to attend the call, if your Jio number is out of network.

This will get rid of complaints like no calls to the live number, and you will not miss any necessary calls.

Easy to close
If Jio users want to stop the service of their call forwarding, then it is also very easy.

You must dial * 410 to stop this service.

After this the service itself will be closed.