Residents of Karnah dildar area in Kupwara district are up in arms against the authorities for dilapidated condition of roads.

The locals said that the road which connects Teethwal Muzaffarabad to the rest of the Kashmir is in shambles and dotted with potholes causing immense trouble to the local residents who decry political and official apathy and step-motherly treatment to the area.

The residents said that the roads in the area are bumpy and dotted due to which the commuters are facing hardships.

“The road has been dug at several places and left unattended.

Even the garbage and water is on the road that causes more trouble to commuters particularly the Journalism student Khushal khawaja”, a local resident said.

During rains, the dilapidated roads turn into cesspools. “When water remains stagnant for a long time, It further damages road,” said , residents .

“Due to potholes vehicles have suffered damages.

The dilapidated condition of the road poses a risk of accidents.

The road is vital as most of the vehicles pass through it,”

The residents said that the main reason for the pathetic condition of the road is the lack of the proper drainage facilities for dislocation of water from the road hence the drainage discharge and the rainwater lodging results in the submerging of the road.

The inhabitants of the area have sought the intervention of authorities and demanded immediate macadamization of the road for the convenience of the locals.

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