Rape, murder of minor sparks outrage in Pakistan, Cricketers call for immediate action

Humanity has stoop down to low level once again in Pakistan, the seven-year old being its victim.

She was kidnaped, raped and murdered in Kasur, leading to massive protest, demanding an immediate action.

High profile Pakistani cricketers have not only condemned the incident but have started a campaign on social media to seek justice for her.

At the time of the incident, the minor girl’s parents were in Saudi Arabia where they had gone to perform Umrah.

Zainab’s body was found in a garbage pile near Kashmir Chowk five days after her disappearance.

Zainab’s parents claimed that police did not cooperate in finding their child.

“If the police would have acted immediately, the culprit would have been caught,” said Zainab’s father.

Whether its Pakistan or India, females have been suppressed, getting victimize at the hands of rowdy and uncontrolled males.

The condemnable & horrific rape & murder of little Zainab exposes once again how vulnerable our children are in our society.

This is not the first time such horrific acts have happened.

We have to act swiftly to punish the guilty & ensure that our children are better protected.


— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) January 10, 2018
Zainab,,Name of our beloved Prophet’s daughter and look what these soul less beasts have done to her..I am so ashamed, disgusted, humiliated, angry & sorry..I want justice for Zainab & her family..No justice in giving mercy to merciless. Hang the Bastards. #JusticeForZainabpic.twitter.com/8jmMCnPgc4

— waqar younis (@waqyounis99) January 10, 2018
I am really lost for words…. seven year old Zainab we all feel sorry for you, we all feel ashamed, we all are gutted…. hope those animals who disrespected are caught and hanged!#JusticeForZainab

— Wasim Akram (@wasimakramlive) January 10, 2018
Sickened, speechless and so so sorry. What have we become? pic.twitter.com/XKwLfXX1qv

— Shoaib Malik (@realshoaibmalik) January 10, 2018
Shocked, Disgusted and feeling sick to the core! What a shameful day for us, Zainab’s killers must not only be hanged, they should be given such exemplary punishment that people should remember the lessson for ever. Pakistan rulers we’re waiting for action!

— Shahid Afridi (@SAfridiOfficial) January 10, 2018
I refuse to believe this can be true and this can happen in our Pakistan but the reality is different. Ya Allah give sabr to the parents. As a father just hearing about this has made me feel sick. What is happening? How can we stop this from ever happening again?#JusticeForZainabpic.twitter.com/TNVyh3RrIx

— Wahab Riaz (@WahabViki) January 10, 2018
#JusticeForZainab , Being a Father just can’t imagine the pain of Parents after this, condolences to her parents & Alarming situation to Society we r living in , Govt should do Prompt action against the Culprit & give justice to ZAINAB , pic.twitter.com/f1a2Go0j3Y

— Mohammad Hafeez (@MHafeez22)