An Army-owned Mushshak aircraft experiencing a ‘technical failure’ crashed into a tree in Kalowal near Jhelum on Tuesday, police said.

The aircraft was on a routine flight when it crashed into a tree and was fully damaged in the crash, District Police Officer (DPO) Chaudhry Ulfat said.

The two pilots aboard the aircraft, Col Fazlur Rehman and Captain Afan are safe, Ulfat added.

The Mushshak basic trainer is a light-weight, single engine aircraft.

It can operate from any short unprepared strip and is ideal for basic flight training, instrument flying, aerobatics, stalls and deliberate spins, night flying, navigation flying and formation flying.

The aircraft, which has a structure life of 9,500 hours, was developed keeping flexibility in mind: it covers both army cooperation and primary flying training.58f0badecd1df