Maulana Abdul Qayoom writes the holey Quran with his hands,becomes single manual writer in the State J&K.

MENDHAR A 35 years old man,a religious history maker, Maulana Abdul Qayoom , a resident of Surankote village Presently imam Masjid Salwah Mendhar of the frontier Tehsil Mendhar in the District Poonch wrote the holey Quran with his hands and succeeded to create an unforgettable history in the State J&K . He completed his manual writing work of the holey Quran in 120 Days successfully. And on Monday, July 15, 2018 his precious work was appreciated and inaugurated at Jamia Masjid Bhera Near Armed Forces Complex in Mendhar, where thousands of people were participated and sighted the holey achievement of this religious devoted man. The people were travelled to there from entire of the mentioned District and sighted the hand-writen the holey Quran. The inauguration was done legally by Baji Imtiaz Ahmed of Bandipora In Srinager in the front of all the members of officials as well as non officials. All were appreciated the heavenly work of Maulana Abdual Qayoom and prayed for his all good beings and he also prayed for all Umat e Muhammad Salallahu alaihi waslam. When he was touched with this massive job of writing the holey Book the Quran he was abulated in continuousely during all the spell of day and night. Qari Rameez Raja Sustani says that he is ever an alone writer who wrote the holey Quran with his hands and created a long last history in the whole region of Pir Panjal.

Mufti H. N. Qadri says he really done a heavenly job ever in the State J&K.

Baji Farooq Ahmed of Mendhar says, our Tehsil Mendhar is fully fortiled well and it is a live