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On Tuesday Reliance Jio completed one year of his success. The 83rd birth anniversary of Dhirubhai Ambani who was the chairman of Reliance Industries was first launched on December 27, 2015.

The company launched the service services of Jio on 9th September 2016 after 9 months. Not only for telecom companies but for handset makers, they also established a new record by launching 4G VoLTE based feature phones.

Reliance Jiao’s Top 10 Achievements

1 Live in the world solely 4G VOLTE Internet Protocol Network

2 Free calling service, based on data from markets

3 Major changes in mobile data consumption in India Before the arrival of Jio Mobile data consumption was 20 million GB / month, which has now increased to more than 150 million GB / month.

4 Jio is the world’s first and only telecom network, giving more than 100 million GB of data.

5 In the case of data usage, India climbed from 155 to number one in the world.

6 There is more than 250 million minutes of voice calls in one day.

7 As compared to any other telecom company in the world, Geo has added people with the fastest ones.

8 Geo’s video streaming is more than 165 million hours a month.

9 Data tariffs have become more economical Data Tariff at the time of launch of the live was 250-1000 rupees per GB, which is now less than 50 rupees per GB.

10 Geo customers have to pay the lowest amount per GB per month.

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