Jio is in danger, This sim is offering more data than Jio details available

Jio is in danger – Yes ! It’s true. Other telecon companies are offering more data than Jio.

In this article we are gonna tell you about some telecom operators that has come with some interesting offers to attract customers.

Everybody knows how Jio entered in the telecom industry with boom.

Last year Jio offered 4g services without any cost. And till then everybody is using jio.

But Now things have changed every telecom operators has introduced some offers at very cheap prices. So , let us tell you some of the offers that we are sure , you are gonna like.

Airtel is back with boom

The India’s number 1 network Airtel is back with boom. Every body knows that Airtel is the India’s number one network but because of it’s high rate plans , an ordinary person could not afford it. But because of jio’s service , Airtel was losing it’s customer. To get it’s customer back , Airtel has to cut down it’s prices.So, we are gonna tell you about Airtel best offer that you might like.

If you recharge with 345 rupees, you’ll get 28 gb 4g data for 28 days with the limit of 1 GB per day and you will get unlimited calling benefits.To stop commercial use of this plan Airtel has applied some limits that you can use 1200 minutes in a week out of which you can use maximum 300 minutes in a day.Apart from this plan there is also a plan of 399 rupees. If you recharge with 399 rupees you’ll get 70 gb data for 70 days with the limit of 1 GB per day plus you’ll get unlimited calling benefits with the limit of 1200 minutes in a week and 300 minutes in a day.

BSNL also has some attractive offers

To get customers’ attention BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has also introduced some amazing offers.Bsnl has introduced new tariff plan called “Chaukka 444” where you will get 4GB of 3G Data per day for 90 days by just paying Rs 444 only. In it’s next plan BSNL giving 2 gb data per day! Yes you read it right. 2 gb 4g data per day which is more than what Jio is giving. This plan is called sixer plan.If you recharge with 666 you’ll get get 2GB data per day and unlimited voice calls with a validity of 60 days.

Apart from Airtel and BSNL some other operators like idea and Vodafone are also giving some top of the line offers at very affordable prices. So, it would be interesting to watch that which company is gonna rule? Will it be Jio? Or Airtel? Or any other? Let us know in the comment section below which company according to you is gonna rule?

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