images-1Jamiat Ahlihadith Jammu and Kashmir General Secretary Dr. Abdul Lateef Alkandi sahib confirmed that Jamiat Ahlihadith  J&K has no official Facebook page or Whatsapp Group or any other social media groups or pages.

He said It has come to our notice from different sources that there are hundreds of Whatsapp groups and Facebook pages in the name of Jamiat and its associated institutions, viz, Trans World Muslim University, Al Kuliyatu Salafiyyah Lil Banaat /Lil Baneeen etc. We request all those Muslims who have created Facebook pages /Whatsapp groups to change the name of their groups /pages as soon as possible. We know it is their love towards Jamiat Ahle Hadees J&K but sometimes such a material is being shared in the groups / pages which is totally against Salafi Dawah. Hence it is impressed upon every one that we don’t have any group /page. We are not responsible for any kind of material being shared on these groups /pages. And to those who have created groups /pages are requested to Fear Allah as you will be accountable for your deeds.