Get Free Jio Caller Tune Sevice For 30 Days

Hello! Jio Users We are back with a Jio offer for all .

Today we are going to share a Free Caller Tune trick for all Jio Users. Let’s Begin.

How To Activate Free CallerTune :

1. First You Have To Open 4G Voice Call App.

If your phone supports 4G Volte then open dailpad.

2. Just Create a New Message As Follows

> Enter “JT” and send to “56789”

3. If You Want A Specific Song as Your CallerTune the ln Send Like Below

MOVIE send it to 56789

ALBUM sende it to 56789

SINGER send it to 56789

4. After Sending this Message you Will Receive a Message From Jio, Then reply to That Message as Your Choice.

5. Finally You Will Get A Message to Confirm the Activation of CallerTune.

“Just Send ‘Y’ to Confirm the Activation of Free CallerTune”

That’s it you will get activated free CallerTune for 30days at Free of Cost…