Flood alert creates panic in Valley

Weather to improve from Sunday

Srinagar, June 30, CNS: The flood like situation created panic in Kashmir particularly in Srinagar city where majority of the people living in low lying areas and close to river embankments preferred to shift to safer places keeping the bitter experience of 2014 in view. Almost everywhere, people were asking why is it that two days downpour brings Kashmir on the brink of flood.

People in different areas found themselves in trouble as their yards, streets and alleys were waterlogged.

Many people had been up all night, watching for the water to reach their porches and making arrangements to evacuate in a hurry in South Kashmir.

It was a traumatic reminder, especially for those living near the river bank, of the devastating floods of September 2014.

Authorities sounded flood alert in Central Kashmir on Saturday after water level continued to rise at Ram Munshi Bagh though it was decreasing slightly at Sangam.

People were fortunate enough and had a sigh of relief when weather improved from afternoon.The immediate danger was over. But the fear remains even now as Metrological Department described the coming 24 hours very crucial. “As expected weather has improved significantly and rain has stopped at most places, apprehension of a major flood is no more now. But next 24 hours are going to be crucial. Tomorrow sun will come out and weather will be alright but there are slight chances that light rain may occur during evening hours as there is lot of moisture in air. Weather will remain dry on Monday as well,” Lotus told CNS.
Hundreds of PHE schemes suffered damages due to gushing waters. 37 PHE schemes were fully damaged while 35 suffered partial damage. A man lost his life when he was fishing out timber from the Vishu Nallah at Chekpora Kulgam. Officials said that Tariq Ahmed Dar son of Abdul Rashid Dar was killed after gushing waters swept him away.
Reports from South Kashmir said that gushing waters swept away many diversions in different parts of South Kashmir.