Why empty Space in Medicine Pills

Empty space between medicines prevents the medicine of medicines from coming together It does not spoil the medicines.

There is no risk of any kind of reaction.

These medicines are meant to be preserved.

Many times this space also facilitates cutting of leaves.

Vacant space medicines made in stools are made to carry and carry anywhere.

It works like a cushioning effect in a way.

Due to this, medicines can not be interconnected, it is easy to carry it together.

Due to these vacant places, the medicines do not fall in the middle of the packaging machine.

One reason for this is also to increase the print area.

Many times there is only one tablet in the entire leaf of the medicine.

In such a situation, there is a need for a printed date, its compounds, expiry etc.

to print the information.

For this, empty spaces are made.

You do not have to see this in all the medicines.

This happens in a few cards.

Many times the doctor tells you to take medication only once in a week.

In such cases, these spaces are also used to protect the leaves from bites and the correct dose of medicine.

In this case, you will buy different medicines of your medicine so that your dosages are correct and you will not take less or more.