CPI(M) warns against attempts to tinker with Article 35A

Jammu, Aug 20 (PTI) The Jammu and Kashmir unit of the CPI(M) today said any attempt to tinker with Article 35A would have “disastrous and catastrophic results”.

“Any attempt to disturb Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution will have disastrous and catastrophic results which is bound to endanger the relationship of the state with Indian union,” regional secretary Shyam Prasad Kesar said.

He also urged the Centre to file a strong counter affidavit in the apex court to defend Article 35A in the “larger national interest”.

“Keeping in view the sensitivities of Jammu and Kashmir, it becomes imperative for the political leadership of the country to exhibit maturity and ensure already tense situation in the state is allowed to be raked up,” Kesar said

at a meeting of the CPI(M) regional committee here.

The CPI(M) leader cautioned that the RSS-BJP are “hell bent” to dilute the unique and distinct identity of the state.

“The conspiracy to remove Article 35A is essentially the agenda of communal, divisive and anti-democratic forces who want to thrive on uncertainty discard, hatred and continued turmoil,” he said.

He said efforts need to be accelerated to unite the democratic forces to put up a “cohesive struggle” against the move to dilute distinct identity of Jammu and Kashmir.

“There is also a need to make people of Jammu and Ladakh regions aware that its abolition is harmful for the whole state,” Kesar said.