images (13)Jammu: 26th May: JKNN: Muslim Action Committee held a press conference in Jammu and condemned the recent communal utterances of Forest Minister Ch. Lal Singh, wherein the minister has coughed venom against the muslims of Jammu. The speakers while speaking during the press conference have said that ever since Ch. Lal Singh has entered the public life, he has proved himself the most senseless person and his actions, deed and language have been of a goon and most indecent, whether it has been with the doctors, lady doctors, bureaucrats or petty employees. While addressing the press conference President Muslim Action Committee Mr. Mohd Sharief Sartaj said that same fellow had profusely abused even the current Prime Minister of India. But unfortunately Ch. Lal Singh is minister from the same party’s quota in the cabinet Mr. Sartaj Has advised BJP to get Lal Singh checked from some good psychiatrist and he be immediately removed from the cabinet. The participants of press conference have denounced the so called clarification given by the concerned Minister that he meant 47 degrees temperature, they said that the delegation’s each members was literate and could comprehend better than minister as to what is 47 temperature and what had happened in 1947 and further they could easily gathered his intention from his tone and tenor. The speakers further said that Lal Singh’s track record is also indicator of his stupidity. It has been demanded that such minister should immediately be removed from the cabinet and also appealed to the public to throw him out of the realm of public life as such elements are cancerous for the society. Those who addressed the press conference include Sheikh Zahoor Ahmed, Mumtaz Chowdhary, Nazim Malik. Ch. Akhter Hussain Khatana, Ch. Mohd Qais, Ch. Mohd Yasmeen, Hyder Ali, Mohd Yousuf, Showkat Gujjar, Haji Ikhlaq, Showkat Mir, Mohd Gulzar Pardesi, Rashpal Sharma, Imran Khan, Bashir Ahmed, Showkat Ali Malik and Rafiq Chowdhary.

It has also been resolved that across Jammu province the Muslims shall protest after Friday prayers and in case Ch. Lal Singh is not removed from the cabinet, protests shall be intensified and apart from it the doors of Courts shall also be knocked and constant protest shall be staged in front of Secretariat at Srinagar.