3 incredible health benefits of carrots

The health benefits of carrots attribute in improving eyesight, promoting healthy and young skin preventing infection boosting immunity improving digestion regulating the blood sugar levels cleansing the internal organs and reducing the risk of cancer

Maintains The Oral Health

One of the incredible health benefits of carrots is the ability to keep the mouth healthy The natural compounds and other antioxidants in them help in inducing excess saliva and stimulating the gums. Saliva, an alkaline substance assists in combating foreign bodies and bacteria thus resulting in healthier cavities. Also it prevents halitosis (bad breath) and other oral problems

Cleanses The Body

To keep the body clean and balanced one of the must-have foods in the diet is none other than carrots They help in breaking down all the toxins from the liver and release them rapidly into the kidneys and intestines for further elimination Vitamin A in them helps the liver to flush out all the toxins while reducing fat and bile at the same time The fiber in carrots cleans the colon and hastens waste movement

Prevents Heart Strokes

A carrot a day lowers the chances of heart strokes by 68% According to a research done at Harvard University it was proven that people who consumed more than 6 carrots in a week were less prone to heart strokes than individuals who consumed only 2 to 5 carrots a month Also many stroke patients claimed that people with highest beta-carotene levels had the maximum survival rate So there are good reasons to munch a few raw carrots